Alumni Pathways

To realize our goal of systemic change, Teach For Qatar helps prepare its Fellows to partake in development opportunities in a wide range of careers and industries, both within and outside the education sector. Teach For Qatar therefore works with its individual Fellows, over the two years, to tailor their leadership development through coaching and mentorship, professional training, and networking opportunities.

Statistics from Teach For All show that up to 70% of recruits choose to stay in the education sector and develop their country’s system as teachers, curricular consultants, education strategists, or policy makers. Teach For Qatar’s leadership believes that some of its alumni need to take on key roles within Qatar’s education sector in order to bring about the sustainable change envisioned in the Teach For Qatar model. At the same time however, it also recognizes that Alumni need to advocate systemic change within the education sector, from the outside, through the provision of support, knowledge, expertise and strategy – from key positions within private institutions and the wider community.

Alumni can also aim to make a difference in Qatar’s education sector through social entrepreneurship or the establishment of initiatives which aim to tackle some of the challenges they’ve witnessed during their teaching placement.

Alumni Infographic