Training & Support

The key to the success of the Teach For Qatar model is its selective recruitment process that ensures individuals with pre-acquired skills, in-depth knowledge of their subject areas, and a passion for developing others are enrolled in the program. Conducted in Arabic, the training program is tailored to help meet Qatar’s educational needs, aligned with the National Professional Standards as determined by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, while taking into account global best practices through collaborations with the Teach For All alumni network.

The Teach For Qatar Leadership Journey is a two-year leadership development and teaching program that begins with a seven week induction at Summer Institute. The Fellow – Mentor relationship with their Program Managers begins at Summer Institute and continues throughout their Journey with ongoing support throughout.

Teach For Qatar provides its Fellows with ongoing training and support throughout their two-year Journey. From the first year, Fellows will focus on being effective leaders for the self, and students in classrooms. One of the primary ways through which Fellows will do this is by setting a vision for themselves and for their students, and proactively working towards achieving that vision in their context. During the second year, Fellows will be challenged and encouraged to drive themselves to engage in a wide range of opportunities that will help them grow in their leadership role.

Summer Institute

The Teach For Qatar Summer Institute will train Fellows through the following sessions:

  • Educational theory and pedagogical training
  • Practical teaching and learning sessions
  • Team-building exercises
  • Classroom teaching experience with summer school students
  • Classroom teaching modeling with professional teachers and other Fellows
  • Personalized coaching, mentoring and feedback from assigned Program Managers
  • Teach For Qatar and Teach For All classroom best practices
  • Networking opportunities with like-minded leaders and pioneers, for a chance to build lifelong connections

Camp Qatar

During Summer Institute Fellows undergo practical training for 2 weeks by teaching students from grades 5-9 at Camp Qatar, a unique summer program established by Teach For Qatar. Fellows are observed and assessed throughout their teaching practice and continue to develop their skills as teachers as they engage with the students.

To find out more about Camp Qatar, click here.