Camp Qatar

Stay in School

Camp Qatar, a 2 week program, which takes place between July and August and is one of the biggest summer camps in Qatar. It offers a unique platform for students to enjoy their summer vacation by taking part in a number of engaging activities.

A diverse and rich summer event, the camp features interactive workshops as well as cultural, sports, artistic and educational activities organized by some of Qatar’s leading organizations and institutions.

Camp Qatar aims to provide:

  • A variety of activities in an entertaining and fun atmosphere
  • A unique journey which will enable students to acquire new skills through a variety of interactive workshops, field trips and activities
  • Students the opportunity to reach their highest potential through artistic and recreational activities targeting specific age groups
  • Students the ability to develop leadership skills and put these skills into practice through a program packed with fun and excitement
  • The camp encourages students to try different activities under the supervision of trained facilitators
  • An opportunity for students to form positive relationships with people of different age groups
  • A culture of teamwork among students and teaches them about the importance of working as a group in a competitive environment
  • Academic reinforcement by offering courses in Arabic, English, Mathematics and Science

The camp welcomes students from grades 5 through 9, aged between 9 and 14 years, from Arabic-speaking government and private schools across Qatar.